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After many heart breaks and close encounters experienced by our Founder, he understood how truly fragile life can be. Thus in 2019, Video Of Wishes (VOW) Singapore was established to create a bridge that allows people to deliver pre-recorded messages to their families and/or friends in an event of a sudden unforeseen situation.


A Video Of Wishes (VOW) is not intended to replace a will. However, with that being said, it does go hand in hand with a will. Many times the content of a will is kept private until the passing of the owner. However, during this time, it is common sight to see families and friends unhappy with what is or is not passed on to them. With a VOW, we aim to allow the owner to not only leave his/her last message, but also have a chance to explain his/her decisions regarding the allocations stated within the will. This will help clear unhappiness and doubts arising from misunderstandings. Such alleviation is necessary to avoid resulting in a strain in relations and ties if these conflicts and confusions are not addressed properly.


Our company aims to bring peace and harmony to families and friends going through the hardship of dealing with the passing of a loved one. We hope that with our platform, our customers will still be able to ‘reach out’ to their families and friends through their VOW, albeit their passing.

In the end, we only regret the chances we didn’t take.


We cannot emphasise further on the importance of a VOW and how it will potentially create a positive ripple effect thereon to our customers’ families and friends. We see the value and significance, do you?

It is normal to have a few burning questions in your mind. Feel free to call us or you can even drop by our office and we are happy to address any questions you have for we are only here to help. Book your appointment here with us prior to your visit to avoid disappointment. We look forward to seeing you!


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With Love, Vow

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