We provide you with a videography platform, structured with utmost attention to privacy, security and respect. 


Video of Wishes

A VOW is a non-legally binding video that serves to complement your will. It usually contains wishes, instructions and expressions of love from you and to your intended recipient. 

Personal Storage

Be it your will, photos, or anything that you would wish to pass down to your recipient, we will be providing you with a specially made V.O.W box with airtight packaging. 

Will Making

A will and a VOW goes hand in hand. We know you're busy and might have difficulties in finding the best platform for drafting a will. So, we took the liberty to find one for you which is quick and cost-effective. Enquire now to learn more! 

Our Packages

Have we missed out anything? Tell us what you want and we will definitely quote you based on your needs!

With Love, Vow

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